Our Favorite Gear from the REI Anniversary Sale

If you’re into outdoor gear and haven’t shopped at REI’s Anniversary Sale before, buckle up: it’s one of the biggest and widest-ranging sales of the year outside of the holidays. Below, you’ll find some of our favorite picks from this year’s bargain bonanza, all of which we’ve tested and reviewed at Outside. We hope you score […]

The Best Bike Shoes of 2023

The contact points between the rider and a bicycle are some of the most important aspects of riding a two-wheeled steed (think saddle, grips, pedals, and, yes, shoes). The bike footwear category has widened dramatically in the past few years to include everything from the highest-performance road shoes to flat pedal kickers that can be […]

The Best Surfboards of 2023

In the history of surfboard design, there has never been such a diverse, expertly-crafted array of boards available as there are today. They now come in all shapes and sizes, in a multitude of constructions, for any type of wave imaginable—which is fantastic news for average and expert surfers alike. Gone are the days of […]

The Best Day Packs of 2023

From mountaintop quests to treks around the block, your day pack is your constant companion. Still, few of us are as discerning as we should be when it comes to choosing something we spend so much time with. This season, don’t settle. Choose one of these top-notch haulers instead. Video loading… The Winners at a […]

A Case for Branching Out This Summer

Confession: I’ve never been on a backpacking trip. As newly appointed editor of Outside’s all-encompassing Gear Guide, I’m hesitant to admit this. I’m a lifelong recreational day hiker. An enthusiastic backcountry explorer. Terrible sleeper. I also spend an unjustifiable amount of time thinking about where my next meal will come from (this applies whether I’m […]

The Best Backpacking Packs of 2023

A solid backpacking pack is the foundational piece of gear for all overnight adventures. Without one, you won’t get much further than your driveway. Without a good one, you might not want to leave that driveway ever again. Here are the year’s very best haulers, guaranteed to keep you comfortable, pain-free, and stoked even under […]

The Best Backpacking Food and Cooking Gear of 2023

Cooking in the backcountry is a delicate balance of luxury and weight-savings. Will a plastic, $5 spork suffice? Probably, but we’d rather dine in style. We gorged on cozy pasta dinners, sipped canned rosé, and poured cold brew all summer long to bring you our favorite camp meals and kitchen accessories of the year. How […]

The Best Climbing Hardware of 2023

Climbing hardware is tricky to review because, well, gear is pretty damn good these days. Many manufacturers rely on iterations of the same tried-and-true conventions, so it can be hard to find standouts. Still, some items are slowly shifting the narrative, from high-tech iterations on classic gear that approaches perfection, to products made following a […]