Prioritizing the Humble Clam

Justin and Danielle Walker, owners and operators of Walkers Maine, a seafood restaurant in Cape Neddick, Maine, know clams. Several months ago, as part of the Ogunquit Soft Shell Clam Commission’s clam flat re-seeding program (which has taken place every year since 2008 under the supervision of Shellfish Warden Everett Leach and other local wardens) […]

The Undisputed List of the Best Shower Beers, By Workout

This article was originally published in Triathlete.  Whether drinking a beer after a workout is a scientifically smart choice is up for debate, but you can’t argue with the fact that a hard-earned crisp beverage during a steamy shower is one of life’s simple pleasures. Once the mainstay of the college-hangover crowd and post-lawncare dads, the shower […]

Hard and Fast Rules for a Summertime Asada

I’m calling it now: Asada: The Art of Mexican-Style Grilling (Abrams, $40, April 2023) by Bricia Lopez and Javier Cabral is the cookbook of the summer. Pick it up, read it cover to cover (yes, really), and step up to the grill. In Spanish, the word “asada” simply means “grilled”, and it extends far beyond […]

Pop the Top on This Camp-Ready Cocktail

It was a growing weariness of lugging six-packs of beer on hiking trips that inspired my search for the perfect camp cocktail. I’ve attempted hanging bags of red wine from shrubs and rocks, which inadvertently ends up looking like a sinister blood bag rather than camp vibe aesthetic (also: bears). And, despite my rapid aging, […]

I Tried the Veggie Shack and Here Are My Thoughts

Veggie burgers, once only found in the frozen-food section of the local health food store or at the bottom of casual restaurant menus, are making their way into fast food. When sales of McDonald’s plant-based burger—aptly named the McPlant—drooped, it was taken off the menu. Meanwhile, Burger King fans apparently liked The Impossible Whopper so […]